The Fabulous, Famous Ole Bull
above $55,000
1. J. B. GUADAGNINI, Parma, 1763, a fine example of this maker's Parma period, with beautiful wood selection, sonorous & colorful; Certificate by Etienne Vatelot, Paris, 355mm, (Our #30353) INQUIRE
2. SANCTUS SERAPHIN, Venice, c.1745, the head c.1688 by G. B. Rogeri, a particulary beautiful & fine sounding violin, provenance: previously sold by W. E. Hill & Sons, J & A Beare, & Hart, 352mm, (Our #29827) INQUIRE
3. CARLO GIUSEPPE TESTORE, Milan, c. 1700, Certificates from Wm. Moennig & Son, Philadelphia & Fridelin Hamma, Stuttgart, (Our #29590) INQUIRE
4. CARLO ANTONIO TESTORE, Milan, 1753, an unusually highly crafted example from this maker, sweet and clear sounding with ample power, 356mm, (Our #29890) INQUIRE
5. PIETRO ANTONIO LANDOLFI, Milan, 1776, certificates from: Paulus Pilat, New York dated Sept. 6, 1944; & Rudolph Wurlitzer, New York, dated Jan. 11, 1939, 356mm, (Our #30120) INQUIRE
6. ANTONIO VINACCIA, Naples, c.1770, Certificate by Dario D'Attili, dated 1988, 352mm, (Our #30450) INQUIRE
7. NICOLAS LUPOT, Orleans/Paris, c.1790, this has been reduced in size from a small viola, 361mm, (Our #27737) INQUIRE
8. JOANNES TONONI, Bologna, c.1690-1700, with restored cracks & worm repairs; Rory Williams in his blog concerning a local performance on this violin notes: "The haunting colors he elicits from the 1690 Tononi violin stay with you long after the bow’s last breath"; shows the hand of Carlo Tononi, 351mm, (Our #24555) INQUIRE
9. GIUSEPPE PEDRAZZINI, Milan, c.1910, an early example of this maker's work, a fine model of J. B. Guadagnini c.1770, 354mm, (Our #28500) INQUIRE
10. MICHAEL DECONET, Venice, c.1760, 353mm, (Our #26822) INQUIRE
11. VOLLER BROS., London, c.1905, 350mm, (Our #26702) INQUIRE
12. VINCENZO PANORMO, WORKSHOP OF, London, c.1790, a wonderful sounding violin patterned after Nicolo Amati, 356mm, (Our #24073) INQUIRE
13. GAETANO SGARABOTTO, Parma, c.1930, a Scarampella/Guarneri model labeled: STEFANO SCARAMPELLA di BRESCIA/PREMIATO CON MEDGALIE D'ARGENTO/Fece in Mantova(ms) anno 1913, 354mm, (Our #27587) $55,000.
14. ROMEO ANTONIAZZI, Milan, 1918, made by Romeo Antoniazzi for the shop of Antonio Monzino, 357mm, (Our #29385) $45,000.
15. RAFFAELE DESIDERI, ATTRIBUTED TO, Marche Region, c.1860-70, with the certificate of Rembert Wurlitzer, New York, stating it to be the work of Alessandro Mezzadri of Ferrara, 353mm, (Our #29494) $45,000.
16. SERGIO PERESSON, Haddonfield, 1986, Peresson's iconic Guarneri model, bold sounding, in excellent condition, 355mm, (Our #30390) $42,000.
17. ANDREAS CASTAGNERI, Paris, c.1745, 356mm, (Our #29405) $40,000.
Gentleman Violinist
$20,100- $35,000
18. GIUSEPPE DOLLENZ, Trieste, c.1870, Giuseppe was the son of Giovanni Dollenz, 357mm, (Our #25092) $35,000.
19. GIOVANNI TEDESCO, Naples, c.1920, made in a rustic antique style to resemble the work of Lorenzo Ventapane, 358mm, (Our #23571) $35,000.
20. GEORGE GEMUNDER, New York, 1858, a robust Guarneri model with a striking sound by the most highly regarded 19th century American maker, 360mm, (Our #28435) $35,000.
21. GIULIO DEGANI, Venice, 1905, 356mm, (Our #27351) $35,000.
22. ALFREDO CONTINO, Naples, c.1930s, rich & full sounding Neapolitan work by Contino, working after a model of Lorenzo Ventapane, 355mm, (Our #23510) $30,000.
23. GABRIEL LEMBOCK, Vienna, 1860, a Guarneri del Gesu model in particularly fine condition by the finest Vienna maker of his time, 362mm, (Our #29176) $30,000.
24. EMILIO CELANI, Ascoli Piceno, c.1890, an interesting Central Italian maker, of smallish proportions, fully antiqued & with a strong dark sound, 351mm, (Our #30039) $30,000.
25. ALBERTO BLANCHI, Nice, 1929, an interesting and fine sounding antiqued Amati model in a very fine state of preservation, 355mm, (Our #28860) $30,000.
26. ORESTE CANDI, Genoa, 1932, an antiqued Guarneri model with a low arch and large deep sound, 356mm, (Our #24911) $30,000.
27. CAMILLO MANDELLI, Milan, 1926, this maker is also known as Camillo da Calco; born in Calco (Como) in 1873; he worked in Milan with Bisiach & Antoniazzi, worked in Buenos Aires in 1889, returned to Italy in 1920, 356mm, (Our #27158) $25,000.
28. LEON BERNARDEL, Paris, c.1890-1900, a very attractive & fine sounding broad Stradivari model (Leon Bernardel, grandson of Auguste Sebastien Philippe, b.Paris 1853, d.1914), 353mm, (Our #28194) $25,000.
29. CARLO CARLETTI, Pieve di Cento, 1938, 358mm, (Our #24701) $25,000.
30. BARTOLOMEO TASSINI, Venice, 1754, a Stainer model with various back repairs, though none right at the soundpost, 356mm, (Our #24537) $25,000.
31. GIOVANNI CAVANI, Modena, 1893, 354mm, (Our #29448) $25,000.
32. MARIO GADDA, Mantua, c.1990, a realistic copy of Augusto Pollastri, with the certificate of Mario Gadda, 355mm, (Our #29671) $22,500.
33. EMILE BOULANGEOT, Lyon, 1927, Certificate by Wm. Moennig & Son, 355mm, (Our #30153) $22,000.
34. DIEGO LOVERI, Naples, 1921, a Gagliano model by a fine Neapolitan workshop, 354mm, (Our #25123) $22,000.
35. THOMAS KENNEDY, London, 1849, Sales Invoice from Rembert Wurlitzer (copy) 9/6/69 & certificate letter of same date, 356mm, (Our #27335) $22,000.
36. JOSEPH D'ALLAGLIO, Mantua, 1821, a broad model by D'Allaglio after Balestrieri; with the original back, ribs & head, the somewhat later table by a London maker, possibly H. Lockey Hill; receipt from John Friedrich & Bro., New York March 1922, and included in that company's 1922 catalogue, 357mm, (Our #25279) $20,000.
37. GENUZIO CARLETTI, Pieve di Cento, c.1960, a good Bologna School violin bearing a label of Carlo Carletti & probably the work of Genuzio Carletti, 354mm, (Our #28486) $20,000.
38. PAOLO VETTORI, Florence, 2014, Modelled after Nicolo Gagliano violin of 1755, the one piece table of this Vettori violin is from timber dating to 1700-1800, 353mm, (Our #30401) $20,000.
39. GIOVANNI PALLAVER, Verona, 1957, Pallaver was a student of Andrea Bisiach in Milan, 357mm, (Our #28700) $18,500.
40. HIROSHI IIZUKA, Philadelphia, 1989, 357mm, (Our #29465) $18,000.
41. UMBERTO MUSCHIETTI, Udine, 1941, 353mm, (Our #30090) $18,000.
42. GEORGE CHANOT, WORKSHOP OF, Paris, c.1850, Stradivari model, some restored worm damage to the back, 358mm, (Our #24783) $18,000.
43. JOSEPH GAFFINO, ATTRIBUTED TO, Paris, c.1750, 358mm, (Our #29505) $17,500.
44. GEORGE CRASKE, Manchester, 1850, a Guarneri model with a shallow arch, and of somewhat smaller dimensions than many of his insruments, 353mm, (Our #26259) $16,500.
45. GIOVANNI PALLAVER, Verona, 1954, 356mm, (Our #28942) $16,000.
Violin Portrait
$10,100- $15,000
46. PAUL BAILLY, WORKSHOP OF, Paris/London, c.1904, Stradivari model, 357mm, (Our #27266) $15,000.
47. THOMAS KENNEDY, Westminster, 1806, an early violin for this maker showing the influence of William Forster, 355mm, (Our #27367) $15,000.
48. PERRY AND WILKINSON, Dublin, 1797, 354mm, (Our #29309) $15,000.
49. MATTHEW HARDIE, Edinburgh, c.1800, an elegant Amati model, retaining its original neck which has been reset & re-angled at the hee, 358mm, (Our #28572) $15,000.
50. THOMAS KENNEDY, London, c.1815, an interesting & very attractive model after Amati, the back is somewhat later English work, 358mm, (Our #24536) $15,000.
51. JANOS SPIEGEL, Budapest, 1918, a Guarneri del Gesu model with a very attractive one-piece back, 358mm, (Our #28977) $15,000.
52. SAMUEL PAYTON, Philadelphia, 2014, a fine antiqued model of J. B. Guadagnini, 353mm, (Our #30439) $15,000.
53. BERNARD SIMON FENDT I, London, c.1810, a Stradivari model from the London shop of Thomas Dodd (most violins sold by and labeled T. Dodd were made by Bernard Simon Fendt I or John Lott, Sr.); original neck re-angled at the heel; Certificate from Balmforth & Son, London, 355mm, (Our #22628) $15,000.
54. FRANCOIS DELPRATO, Mirecourt/Paris, c.1900, a beautifully antiqued Stradivari model. Delprato was born in Paris in 1876, and worked in Mirecourt, Paris, London, Chicago & New York, 355mm, (Our #26387) $15,000.
55. BENVENUTO BOTTURI, Brescia, 1939, 357mm, (Our #29289) $15,000.
56. GEORGE WULME HUDSON, London, c.1920, a model after Luigi Marconcini, a particularly attractive & fine sounding instrument in superb condition, 353mm, (Our #25241) HOLD
57. ARISTIDE CAVALLI, Cremona, 1914, labeled: ARISTIDE CAVALLI/ (signed) Aristide Cavalli/ Cremona fecit 1914, 354mm, (Our #29320) $15,000.
58. HORNSTEINER FAMILY, Mittenwald, c.1780, probably by Peter Hornsteiner, 360mm, (Our #29277) $15,000.
59. LUIGI MOZZANI, Pieve di Cento, 1918, in particularly fine condition, 357mm, (Our #28941) $15,000.
60. RAFFAELLO STEFANINI, Bologna, 2014, Raffaello Stefanini was a student of Otello Bignami of Bologna, 356mm, (Our #30284) $14,500.
61. CAESAR MAGGIALI, Genoa, 1961, 356mm, (Our #28341) $14,500.
62. CHARLES J. B. COLLIN-MEZIN, Mirecourt, 1897, a strong sounding & attractive violin from this prominent Mirecourt workshop, 360mm, (Our #28467) $14,500.
63. CHRISTOPHER GERMAIN, Philadelphia, 2006, Christopher Germain is one of America's finest violin makers, 356mm, (Our #28464) $14,000.
64. SAMUEL PAYTON, Philadelphia, 2014, a tastefully antiqued Guarneri del Gesu model, 349mm, (Our #30202) $13,500.
65. MEDARD FAMILY, Nancy or Paris, c.1650-1680, an interesting and historically important early French violin in the style of Andrea Amati, with a repaired soundpost crack in the back (Henley notes 10 members of this family working in the 17th century in Nancy & Paris), 351mm, (Our #27771) $13,500.
66. KARL WEISS, ATTRIBUTED TO, Stuttgart, c.1930, a highly crafted & classy German violin, probably the work of Karl Weiss, b.1912 & worked for Hamma & Hans Nebel; labeled: LEANDRO BISIACH della Scuola Cremonese/ fece in Milano 1896, 355mm, (Our #29808) $12,500.
67. JOHANN JOSEF STADLMANN, Vienna, c.1750, in a particularly fine state of preservation, 357mm, (Our #28720) $12,500.
68. HONORE DERAZEY, Mirecourt, c.1880, a strong & responsive Stradivari model, 359mm, (Our #30014) HOLD
69. ELIGIO PUCCINI, Empoli, 1938, 355mm, (Our #30356) $12,500.
70. LUIGI MOZZANI, Bologna, 1930, 357mm, (Our #24076) $12,000.
71. MARIO CASELLA, Catania, c.1920, 355mm, (Our #24726) $12,000.
72. SASKIA BERGINK, Milan, 2006, Built on a model of Carlo Tononi of particularly handsome wood; Saskia Bergink was trained in Milan by Luca Primon, 354mm, (Our #25852) HOLD
73. BERNARD VIEDENHOFER, Budapest, 1791, 354mm, (Our #26899) $12,000.
74. AUGUSTE SEBASTIEN PHILIPPE BERNARDEL, Paris, c.1835, a typical & full sounding Stradivari model from the Bernardel workshop, with old restorations & retouching, 359mm, (Our #26468) $12,000.
75. JOHN FRIEDRICH, New York, 1901, a large Stradivari pattern violin with long elegant corners reminiscent of the work of the 18th century Paris makers, 356mm, (Our #27546) $12,000.
76. HONORE DERAZEY, WORKSHOP, Mirecourt, c.1875, a tastefully antiqued Guarneri model with a very powerful sound, 360mm, (Our #29310) $12,000.
77. EULO DORFINO BY PAUL DOERFEL, Markneukirchen, 1930, labeled: Eulo Dorfino/ Espressamente per/ William Moennig & Son./ Reproduction of Carlo Testore/ 1930, 357mm, (Our #28606) $12,000.
78. JEAN BAPTISTE DESHAYES SALOMON, Paris, c.1740, a large model after the work of Pierray & Boquay; Certificate from Max Moller, Amsterdam as the work of Salomon, 365mm, (Our #29094) $12,000.
79. LUIGI SCIORILLI, Rome, 1988, a lightly antiqued modern Italian copy of Anselmo Gotti by a student of the fine Roman maker Giorgio Corsini (d.1990), 355mm, (Our #27047) $11,000.
80. RAFFAELE CALACE, 1910, (Our #30341) $10,000.
81. LOCKEY HILL, London, c.1769-1775, an early work for this maker sold through the firm of Longman Lukey & Co. in London, 354mm, (Our #22631) $10,000.
82. JEAN NICHOLAS LAMBERT, Paris, c.1760-70, 360mm, (Our #27118) $10,000.
83. JEAN-PATRICK MOISY, County Cork, Ireland, 2010, 356mm, (Our #28649) $10,000.
84. VIRGILIO CAPELLINI, Cremona, 1974, a Stradivari model in excellent condition, 355mm, (Our #28575) $10,000.
85. FRENCH, Paris School, c.1800, 359mm, (Our #22657) $9,500.
86. CAUSSIN WORKSHOP, Neufchateau (Vosges), c.1870-80, an antiqued violin by the Caussin workshop after Amati, 360mm, (Our #29439) HOLD
87. FRANCOIS DELPRATO, PROBABLY BY, Mirecourt, c.1900 and later, a tastefully antiqued model of Matteo Goffriller, 359mm, (Our #25267) $9,000.
88. LOUIS DOLLING, JR, Markneukirchen, c.1890, 359mm, (Our #29646) $8,500.
89. BURRITT MILLER, Philadelphia, 1999, 355mm, (Our #25075) $9,000.
90. BURRITT MILLER, Philadelphia, 1997, 354mm, (Our #25795) $8,500.
91. WILLIAM MOENNIG I, Philadelphia, 1919, Wm. Moennig I emigrated from Germany in 1896, & opened his shop in Philadelphia in 1909; labeled: William Moennig, fecit/ Philadelphia anno 1919, 360mm, (Our #29512) $8,500.
92. CHARLES FERENCZY, Den Haag (The Hague), 1901, born in Pest in 1863, worked in Vienna, Berlin, Gravenhage, & New York; with an original bill of sale from Gustave Faes, Anvers, Belgium 1904, 356mm, (Our #27995) $8,500.
93. ERNST HEINRICH ROTH, Markenukirchen, 1924, a very attractive Joseph Guarneri model violin, their style VIR, in excellent condition, 359mm, (Our #26016) HOLD
94. UMBERTO LANARO, Padua, 1967, fitted with the maker's decorated pegs and tailpiece, 351mm, (Our #22134) $8,500.
95. RICCARDA DACQUATI, Cremona, 2006, Guarneri del Gesu model, 352mm, (Our #27120) $8,000.
96. C. SANDINI, Vicenza, 1940, the catalogue of "la Musica Exposizione Generale Italiana di Torino" of 1898 records the fratelli Sandini of Castelnuovo (Vicenza) as makers of guitars, 359mm, (Our #22635) $8,000.
97. HONORE DERAZEY, Mirecourt, c.1850, repairer's brand on the inside: "W.BOUCHER Jr./BALTIMORE" (Boucher was a musical dealer, repairman & banjo maker in Baltimore 1845-1870); inside table inscribed: Prosper Cabasse/ 1854 (Cabasse worked for Geo. Chanot in Paris, & later lived in Baltimore), (Our #29120) $7,500.
98. CAUSSIN WORKSHOP, Neufchateau (Vosges), c.1870, 358mm, (Our #29812) $7,500.
99. JEAN-BAPTISTE THOUVENEL, Mirecourt, c.1820-1830, a good Mirecourt violin similar in style to that of Didier Nicolas, 362mm, (Our #29430) $7,500.
100. GUIDO ALBERINI, Cremona, 2001, a Stradivari model from a graduate of the violin making school in Cremona, 356mm, (Our #27426) $7,500.
101. HEINRICH TH.HEBERLEIN JR., Markneukirchen, 1928, a Stradivari model with a very attractive one-piece back, and in nearly mint condition, 358mm, (Our #25304) $7,000.
102. PRAGUE SCHOOL, early 19th century, (Our #29763) $6,800.
103. ORIPPI & GAMBARIN, Cremona, 2009, a tastefully antiqued Stradivari Model, certificate by the makers, 356mm, (Our #29534) $6,500.
104. MOUGENOT WORKSHOP, Mirecourt, c.1920s, J. B. Guadagnini model, 357mm, (Our #29588) $6,500.
105. LIONELLO GALETTI, Cremona, 1985, Stradivari model, with the maker's certificate, 355mm, (Our #25781) $6,500.
106. LUCIANO BINI, Cremona, 1975, 355mm, (Our #30038) $6,500.
107. HEINRICH TH. HEBERLEIN, JR., Markneukirchen, 1915, Stradivari model, 355mm, (Our #26345) $6,500.
108. LEON MOUGENOT, WORKSHOP OF, Mirecourt, c.1920, a Guarneri del Gesu model in excellent condition, 357mm, (Our #29955) $6,500.
109. HERMANN GEIPEL, Markneukirchen, 1920s, an antiqued violin modeled after the King Joseph Guarneri, 358mm, (Our #29754) $6,500.
110. PAUL HILAIRE, Mirecourt, 1976, labeled: "Fait par Paul HILAIRE/ en 1976 no. 850/ Made Especially for William Moennig & Son", 355mm, (Our #28463) $6,500.
111. EDWARD WITHERS, LABELED, Mirecourt/London, c.1920s, a very attractive French violin made in Mirecourt for the London trade, & varnished sold in London, 357mm, (Our #30329) $6,000.
112. HANS NEBEL, Mittenwald, 1945, a full-sounding Guarneri model. Originally from Mittenwald, Hans Nebel worked in New York for Wurlitzer & returned to Mittenwald in 1945, 356mm, (Our #25489) $6,000.
113. OTAKAR FR. SPIDLEN, Prague, 1935, 355mm, (Our #29583) $6,000.
114. HEINRICH TH HEBERLEIN, JR., Markneukirchen, 1926, Stradivari model, 356mm, (Our #28741) $6,000.
115. HEINRICH TH. HEBERLEIN JR., Markneukirchen, 1911, Joseph Guarneri model, 357mm, (Our #28605) $6,000.
116. HENRY HOLT, London/Paris, c.1826, a good sounding violin branded & signed by an English maker previously unknown to us, though we strongly suspect it to be by a Paris maker of this period, 351mm, (Our #24420) $6,000.
Entertaining Guests
$2,600- $5,500
117. CARLO MICELLI, Markneukirchen, 1927, a creatively antiqued Guarneri del Gesu model, the fine work of the workshop of Carl Meisel, 358mm, (Our #30377) $6,000.
118. JAMES BRIGGS, ATTRIBUTED TO, Glasgow, c.1880, 358mm, (Our #24794) $5,500.
119. ERNST HEINRICH ROTH, Markneukirchen, c.1925, an unlabeled & unbranded 1920s Roth workshop Guarneri del Gesu model in excellent condition, 356mm, (Our #29749) $5,500.
120. NICHOLAS VASICH, Baltimore, 1952, (b.Yugoslavia 1891 & worked in the U.S. from 1924-), 357mm, (Our #27862) $5,000.
121. FRANZ REINDL, Mittenwald, 1967, 356mm, (Our #28499) $5,000.
122. CORBINIAN HORNSTEINER, Mittenwald, c.1820, labelled Martin Hornsteiner . . .1763, 355mm, (Our #24419) $5,000.
123. WENZEL KARL FUCHS, Erlangen, c.1950, a nicely crafted & good sounding Guarneri model with somewhat antiqued varnish, in excellent condition, 357mm, (Our #30171) $4,850.
124. JOHN FRIEDRICH & BRO., Markneukirchen, 1919, a Guarneri model made in Markneukirchen & sold by John Friedrich in New York, 355mm, (Our #29859) $4,750.
125. JOHN FRIEDRICH & BRO, Markneukirchen, 1923, a fine German Stradivari model made for & sold by the shop of John Friedrich in New York, 358mm, (Our #26573) $4,500.
126. MAX SCHUSTER, Markneukirchen, c.1925, a Stradivari model with a highly figured maple back & in very good overall condition, 356mm, (Our #26608) $4,500.
127. HONORE DERAZEY, WORKSHOP OF, Mirecourt, c.1860, A superb example of a "head fiddle" in excellent condition with both a relief carving of Duiffopruggar and a marquetry scene inlay of a medieval town on the back, the ribs are incised with the typical motto and have marquetry inlays on the center bouts, 367mm, (Our #30384) $4,500.
128. KURT MONNIG, Mittenwald, c.1930, label: Hergestellt von/ Kurt Monnig/fur Wm. Moennig & Son, 355mm, (Our #26661) $4,500.
129. WERNER VOIGT, Markneukirchen, 1955, a Guarneri model with an attractively flamed one-piece back, in excellent condition, 356mm, (Our #26791) $4,000.
130. C. G. CONN, Elkhart, Indiana, c.1925, Stradivarius model, possibly the work of Frank Barstow, 360mm, (Our #27753) $4,000.
131. FRANCOIS XAVIER LECAVALLE, Mirecourt, 1856, the pegbox terminating in a carved bald & bearded man's head, presumed to be that of Gaspard Duiffopruggar, with a strikingly figured maple back; inscribed on inside back: Lacavelle a mirecourt/ en. 1856, (14-1/2"), 368mm, (Our #26458) $4,000.
132. ROBERT GLIER, Cincinnati, 1915, a Stradivari model violin, made in Mirecourt, France, probably by the Mougenot workshop, & finished by Robert Glier for the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, 355mm, (Our #25801) $4,000.
133. G. A. PFRETZSCHNER, Markneukirchen, c.1925-30, a 1920s Stradivari model in excellent condition; labeled: Reproduction of Ant. Stradivarius/ made by G.A.Pfretzschner/Markneukirchen, 357mm, (Our #25819) $4,000.
134. CARLO MICELLI, Saxony, 1920, in excellent condition; Carlo Micelli was a trade-name used by the firm of C. Meisel, & made in the Meisel workshop in Saxony, 362mm, (Our #26670) $3,500.
135. ALBERT HILDEBRANDT, Baltimore, 1907, a lovely handmade American Red Violin, a fine sounding Guarneri model in excellent condition, 356mm, (Our #28488) $3,500.
136. ANDREW HYDE, Northampton, MA, 1893, beautifully revarnished by Ben Ruth; labelled: MADE FOR THE/ WORLD"S FAIR COLUMBIAN EXHIBITION/BY ANDREW HYDE/ NORTHAMPTON, MASS./No. 592 A.D, 357mm, (Our #30383) HOLD
137. LOUIS LOWENDALL, WORKSHOP, Berlin, c.1890, an antiqued Guarneri model in excellent condition, 357mm, (Our #27496) $3,500.
138. ANDREW HYDE, Northampton, Mass., 1893, 359mm, (Our #29969) $3,500.
139. H. M. SNELL, Pittsburgh, 1926, a finely crafted Guarneri model with extensive varnish craquele, 357mm, (Our #29669) $3,500.
140. FRENCH, Mirecourt, c.1890-1900, 359mm, (Our #24650) $3,500.
141. CHARLES ALBERT, WORKSHOP OF., Philadelphia, 1903, workshop of Charles Albert II, and possibly by him personally (Chas. Albert Sr. died in 1901), 358mm, (Our #29168) $3,500.
142. CARLO MICELLI, Saxony, 1922, a nicely antiqued "Master Art" Stradivari model, Carlo Micelli was a trade-name used by the Meisel workshop in Saxony, 359mm, (Our #29582) HOLD
143. JOHN FRIEDRICH, SHOP OF, New York, 1904, a good German import sold by the New York shop of John Friedrich & Bro., 360mm, (Our #29134) $3,500.
144. KURT GUTTER, Markneukirchen, 1925, (Our #26931) $3,500.
145. JEROME THIBOUVILLE-LAMY, Mirecourt, c.1890s, antiqued in the Caussin style, 355mm, (Our #26362) $3,250.
Out of the Woodshed
$1,100- $2,500
146. ROMAN TELLER, Erlangen, Germany, c.1960, 359mm, (Our #29396) HOLD
147. WILLIAM WILKANOWSKI, Brooklyn, 1927, a personal work by this prolific maker, in nearly perfect condition, 353mm, (Our #24011) $2,500.
148. MAGGINI MODEL, Markneukirchen, c.1890-1910, tastefully antiqued varnish, a long Maggini model violin with a massive deep sound, 366mm, (Our #29242) $2,500.
149. NEUNER & HORNSTEINER, Mittenwald, c.1910, 362mm, (Our #25868) $2,500.
150. MARKNEUKIRCHEN SCHOOL, Saxony, c.1910, essentially an Amati model with a shaded red varnish, in excellent condition, 358mm, (Our #29207) $2,250.
151. MARKNEUKIRCHEN SCHOOL, c.1890-1900, 358mm, (Our #30389) $2,250.
152. GERMAN, Saxony, c.1920s, 355mm, (Our #30403) $2,200.
153. JAY HAIDE, China, 2008, Guarneri del Gesu model, 355mm, (Our #27632) $2,000.
154. HOPF, Klingenthal, c.1860, 350mm, (Our #29458) $1,800.
Out of the Woodshed
$1,000 and Under
155. JAPANESE, c.1920, 358mm, (Our #29501) $1,000.
156. NICOLAS AUGUSTIN CHAPPUY, Mirecourt, c.1780s, in a particularly fine state of preservation & in original Baroque condition, certificate by Wm. Moennig & Son, Philadelphia, 360mm, (Our #28315) $12,000.
157. ENGLISH, London, c.1680-1720, Baroque set-up with original neck and bass-bar, and bears similarity to the work of William Baker or John Grice, London makers in the late 17th & early 18th centuries, 352mm, (Our #23168) $7,500.
158. LOCKEY HILL, London, c.1775, still in Baroque condition with original neck (still in with nail) & bass-bar, requires some very minor restoration & set- up; remarkably well preserved, 353mm, (Our #22898) $7,500.
159. DAVID HOPF, Klingenthal, c.1790-1800, with typically excentric corners & soundholes, a remarkably intact example of a transitional violin in original condition, original neck and neck angle, set-up with gut strings, string length-315mm, 357mm, (Our #27536) $4,500.
160. GEBRUDER LIPPOLD, Neukirchen, 1824, overall original & in good condition but requires some restoration (original bass-bar, etc., suitable for use as a classical style violin; with a scale length of 315mm), 357mm, (Our #24651) $2,500.
Fiddling Children
Fractional Size Violins
161. JEHANNE H. BLAISE, Mirecourt, c.1910 or later, a nice older Mirecourt 3/4 in nearly perfect condition, (13-3/8"), 340mm, (Our #28872) $2,500.
162. MARKNEUKIRCHEN SCHOOL, c.1880, 1/4 size, 283mm, (Our #28696) $2,000.
163. KAREL GOLL, Czechoslovakia, c.1920, 3/4 size, Stradivarius model, (Our #30122) $1,800.
164. JOHN JUZEK, Prague, c.1950, 3/4 size, attractive Czech work, 334mm (13 1/8"), 334mm, (Our #22970) $850.